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Welcome to PonderBananeMangoSweet Street

 The whole household has been down with a bad bug (not the pandemic pest) for these past two October weeks. There were sniffles, sore throats, coughs and fevers aplenty. 

It's all pretty exhausting, so on the weekend, LittleOne and I did some drawing to cheer ourselves up.

I pulled out a roll of brown packing paper (greater novelty factor than your ordinary sheet of A3 white paper) and suggested we could draw a streetscape with some shops for LittleOne's toys and cars to drive and walk past and go shopping.

Welcome to PonderBananeMangoSweet Street.

(I contributed the Sweet. LittleOne authorised it to join the original.)

Let's take a stroll.

Here is, IMHO, one of best shops I have ever seen:

The Fashion Explosion Rocket Shop. 

This is perhaps the greatest name for a shop ever, in the entirety of human existence in the universe. Ever.

100% LittleOne's concept. I love it.

It's for - and I quote - "fashions you wear when you go into space."

There is a rocket behind the explosion too. This concept has been thoroughly thought through.

Pure. Genius.

This one was mine.

The Giraffe Scarf Shop.

Does what it says on the tin. 

Quite popular with the local giraffes.

And it benefits quite a bit from the spillover traffic from Fashion Explosion next door.

I quite like the giraffe's boots, by the way. Très chic.

Next, a delicious collaboration.

The Giant Chocolate Rainbow Candy Shop

LittleOne's name, my swirls. 

Very rainbowy and candy-like, dripped in with dreams of chocolate.

It was a lot of swirling, but I think we did justice to the name in the end.

And then, we get to:

The Secret True Love Shop
(Where Princesses come to the true love shop to get their hands kissed)

(This photo isn't doing justice to the range of bright warm colours that are actually in The Secret True Love Shop. But I promise - they're there!)

This is a very important shop much frequented by all the Princesses and True Loves everywhere.

Note the large commercial shop front and the quintessentially magical (no-door) entrance. It presumably filters out the charlatans and the baddies.

The Secret True Love Shop is next door to a park.

A park with pretty trees.

I've just realised I only drew one peacock. I hope it's not lonely.

And I was about to worry that it has no water to drink, but then realised that LittleOne has started a lake-tent next door to the park. You can just see it next to the pink-leaf tree.

The lake-tent is incomplete, but I'm pretty sure it means the street is doing just fine for water.

And there you go.

PonderBananeMangoSweet Street.

For whenever you need an adventure in expanding the limits of what's possible 💗

Thanks for dropping by, and if you have a favourite shop on the street, I'd love to hear about it!

Du fond du coeur x


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