#Flash4Storms - More Flash Fics II

Following on from my last few posts, I'm extremely chuffed to be able to post some more spirit-speaking flash fics by fabulous writers - all in aid of Sarah Brentyn's #Flash4Storms for hurricane relief.


Georgia Bell (@gabellbooks)

The days blurred. Blended. Bent out of shape. She held still, bleeding hope, waiting for the help she had begged for.  Until in the silence, bold and bankrupt, she found benevolence in her own battered soul.


Sarah Mitchell-Jackson (@SMitchJack)

They needed her. Their small hands, although precise, were minute against the depth of the world. Month by month they grew; their worlds grew. They stretched further away from her, until they did not need her. Year by year, she narrowed, just as her world narrowed, until she needed them.


Maria Carvalho (@ImMCarvalho)

Even as the invading river relished its unchecked freedom

And the regal cypress bowed down under commanding winds

The storm wielding its power like an angry god

Inhabitants of the wild land – from chameleon to elk –

Held steadfast together, knowing that in time

They’d bask in the sun once more.


Michelle (@PrairieSky_27)

When she found out I'd be alone for Christmas, she insisted I come to her place. My mouth watered at the smell of roast turkey and sage. 

"Before we eat," she said, dragging a deer carcass in from outside, "help me get this down the stairs. Sprinkles must be hungry."



Sarah Brentyn said…
So much love to my amazing tweeps! πŸ’• You are wonderful for hosting them. And…

Thanks to you and my fellow micro writers, Twitter friends, hashtag warriors, I hit my goal!!! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰
ReeD with a Bee said…
Congratulations on getting over the magic 50, Sarah!! It was such a wonderful initiative, with some truly beautiful words along the way. No tears, though. Never.

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