#Flash4Storms - More Flash Fics I

As you may have seen from my recent posts, Sarah Brentyn is doing a #Flash4Storms initiative for hurricane relief.

Many people have already shared their words, and to ensure those wonderful wordsmithers without blogs are also able to contribute their words for a great cause, I'm honoured to be able to post some more fantastic flash fics here.


Bobbi Bowman (@BobbiBowwoman)

What if you don't have bootstraps?


Michael Fehr (@FehrMichael1)

The sun was setting. Maria didn't know if she had the strength to hold on until morning. She clung desperately to the highest branch she could reach above the swirling floodwaters.

In the pitch dark, it was the nose of the rescue dog that guided the boat to her perch.


Stephen (@GallifreyGamgee)

Lora looked lovingly at her ghostly boyfriend, the only one in the Ethereal Planes who could help break the curse by sacrificing himself.


Kevin Odinsknot (@Odinsknot)

We looked to the stars as a means of escape from a dying Earth.

Instead, those we met in Alpha Centauri brought us hope that restoration was possible.



Sarah Brentyn said…
You are the hostess with the mostess. (I am SO sorry about that...it just popped out!) :-) Thank you for hosting these lovely stories. 💕 And thanks to my Twitter friends for joining in and helping me reach my goal. Much love.

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