Friday, 18 December 2015

Indi and Bodie Treat us to a Merry Christmas

Before you start reading, it helps to know that Indi is the girl on the right and Bodie is the boy on the left.

Indi: Our humans putting weird Things on our heads... Hey. You have treat? I want treat. 
Bodie: Omnomnom. Treat yum, but stupid Thing on head. Hurry. Chew treat. Get Thing off head. 

Indi: Why you get treat? I want treat. 
Bodie: Nice treat. Stupid Thing on head!

Bodie: Smell treat. Stupid Thing. Still on head. 
Indi: I smell treats too. I want treats. 

Bodie: Thing. On. My. Head. 
Indi: Psst. Leave Thing on. We might gets treats for Thing. 

Indi: It's ok, Little Brother. Think treats. 
Bodie: Thing. Must come off head. 

Bodie: Why Won't Thing Come Off??
Indi: Hey human. I tried. I wear my Thing. Treat?

Bodie: Thing. Come. OFF. 
Indi: Treats. I like treats. 

Bodie: Thing. OFF. 
Indi: Thing. Treats. I want treats. I patient. Thing, treat.

Bodie: Ha! Thing coming off. 
Indi: Thing, treats. Yum treats.

Indi: Treat. Thing. Treats. I supreme patient. Treat.
Bodie: No more Thing!!

Bodie: I gone! Free! Bye Thing. 
Indi: I stay. I good. Treat. TREATS. Treats. 

The end. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with Treats, Eats and all good Things!
From Indi, Bodie and their humans. 

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