Sunday, 2 July 2017

Twitter Tale: Rainbow Splinters in the Derriere

This is another Twitter tale that has to be read to be disbelieved. Enjoy!

Zeke the Imp didn't listen to warnings and slid the wrong way down a long rainbow. He ended up with rainbow-coloured splinters in his butt.

To Zeke's outrage, no-one sympathised with him & he was left to sulkily sip his healing jellybean-juice tea in silence.

Zeke was also put on a course of antibiotics flavoured w/ hundreds-&-thousands. They crunched w/ the jellybean tea taste. Still no sympathy.

Zeke bought sympathy-inducing liquorice all-sorts from a backyard dealer. But the only thing they induced was a vomit. Then he got sympathy.

But the true piece de resistance of this tale is the brilliant Hope Denney's superb GIF response, which says it all. (For non-GIF-users, a gif is a short video often only a few seconds long, which loops repeatedly). Click here to view it for yourselves - it's very worth the extra click.

As an aside, all three of Zeke's 'confectionary medications' were especially chosen - partly because of their bright colours, but also because I don't like them.

Don't ask me about the inspiration for these little pieces of whacky story-telling. In this case, I simply enjoyed the bizarreness of something as magical-sounding as rainbow travel having rules, and of imagining the havoc that could be created by sliding down a rainbow the wrong way.

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