Thursday, 15 June 2017

Twitter Tale: The Girl with the Gold Coin Earrings

The Girl with the Gold Coin Earrings is another one of my multi-tweet tales that I'm recording here for posterity - to resuscitate it from the forgotten depths of my Twitter Timeline. If you're desperately curious, my first resuscitated story is here.

This tale got split across six tweets. If I'm not mistaken, this tale is my very first attempt at a multi-tweet tale. I didn't 'thread' the tweets for this story; what I mean by that is, I didn't post them with each tweet replying to the previous one. The benefit of this 'threaded' approach is that anyone who stumbles across one tweet can find all 6 parts because they're linked to each other. Leaving them unthreaded made finding all six parts a bit more of a challenge than I'd anticipated.

I ferreted them all out eventually.  And, as you'll see, it's less of a full tale and more of a teasing start to a tale:

As the King's procession passed the field, the peasant girl was appropriate in dowdy & tatty dress. She bowed respectfully. 

Less appropriate were her earrings of bright gold coins. The King frowned, his good mood souring the longer he thought about it.

The King sent two of his soldiers back to confiscate the girl's earrings. A lesson of respect to status. To know never to do it again. 

The two soldiers didn't return. Eventually, their bodies were found in a distant, untilled field, as tho sleeping peacefully in the sun. 

A cheap tin coin had been placed in each of their mouths to carry them to the afterlife. Even the poorest of the poor took copper coins. 

The insult could not have been clearer. The King was livid and the die was cast.

Quite honestly, this king deserves everything he's going to get.

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