Monday, 28 November 2016

Irony, a Tweet and a Prize

When I was in my last year of high school, I suffered through English Lit.

For someone who loves writing, I suffered exquisitely, with all the analytical stuff asphyxiating all the creative joy out of the subject.

A friend in a different English class to me was given - of all things - a creative writing assignment, on one of their literature textbook themes of "irony". I remember being both jealous and baffled - jealous that the other class got to do some creative writing, and baffled about how one would write a story on "irony".

I've never quite forgotten it. From time to time, I've thought about how I would go about writing a story on "irony". Or, I've encountered instances of irony and thought, 'now, there's a way to write that irony story'. Never quite written the quintessential irony story yet, though.

So, anyway, a couple of weeks ago, @Logitech pinged me on Twitter to let me know they were again running their Twitter #vss (very short story) competition, together with the original microfic magician, @veryshortstory. They pinged me because the last time they held the comp, I entered enthusiastically (albeit with no success) because, as I've said many times before, I adore microfics.

I skimmed the competition guidelines and laughed when I realised the theme for their final week (that I was just in time for) was "isn't it ironic".

I didn't know that I was going to bother entering, but the lure of wrestling with that long-ago theme in my favourite format was too much to resist.

I managed to get two entries in:

The colder and more distant they grew towards each other, the more they compensated by holidaying together in every-warmer places. #LogiVss


Her imagination was ordered by grammar & punctuation, dictated to by fashion, stalked by logic and hunted down by others' opinions #LogiVSS

To my enormous surprise, a week later, I received this:

And this one:

And guess what arrived in the mail less than a week later? Today, in fact?

My prize!

I'm still giggling incredulously. I won something - that I'm now holding in my hands - with a tweet. A K780 Logitech keyboard! I'm holding this because of a tweet!

I am extremely, completely and utterly delighted, thrilled and overjoyed. It's a beautiful looking device too, and I'm SO looking forward to playing with it. Thank you Logitech :)

It's a wonderful sequence of events - the irony themes, irony tweets and a lovely prize. It's all wonderfully ironic, actually.

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