Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I now own a Dr Seuss book

As of 2016, I own a Dr Seuss book. 

It's the first one I've ever owned. 

Yes. The first.

I was an adult before I ever even heard of Dr Seuss. (In my defence, I grew up on an island, and although I definitely wasn’t short of books – I had the Mr Men and Little Miss books, the Ladybird books and hundreds of Enid Blytons among others – but Dr Seuss wasn’t one of them).

Getting the Right Accent

There was a Twitter hashtag which did the rounds recently: #tweetjustyourvoice. The idea was to use record an audio of your voice with a visual that didn’t include your face, and then post it onto Twitter so that your communities of tweeps (Twitter folk) get to hear how you sound.

I would have probably continued on my merry way, happily ignorant of all things connected to this hashtag, except that it got embraced with gusto by the FridayPhrases community, with a certain FridayPhrases host (the very persuasive @AdeleSGray) inviting me to take part. If ever there was a hashtag designed to wallop me well out of my comfort zone, it was this one.

Why? Thank you for asking. There are several reasons.

Monday, 4 April 2016

2 Flash Fic stories by Hope Denney & ReeD

A little while ago, in early February, my favourite Twitter-based microfiction game@FridayPhrases, generated the following #FP effort from me:
Her suitor cuts her at the opera, blatant, cruel. She is publicly silent & slips a snake onto his coach. He likes games; she doesn't lose

I quite liked it and thought there might be scope for a longer story sitting in between the words, waiting for the telling.

But even better, the brilliant @HopeDenney2 quite liked it too. When we realised we both thought it could be developed into a longer story, we, of course, had to give it a go!

So we did, and we each came up with very different interpretations. Hope's story is immediately below, and mine is further down the post.