Sunday, 8 November 2015

When the Roos Come Out to Play

It's often rainy or overcast when the kangaroos come out to play.

And they did just that last week, coming as part of a casual mob, grooving around the green grass for a graze and gossip. ('Mob', by the way, is the collective noun for kangaroos). 

See the one under the tree, sheltering from the rain (top right)? 

They showed off their signature moves. 

They obligingly posed for photos.

Then they popped around to where my car was parked, coming within metres. 
The little one (mid-graze) bounced up the hill first, almost as though to say hello. It was shadowed by its parent/sibling/guardian, who clearly had the job of staying vigilant.

You can imagine how absolutely, stupidly thrilled I was to see them so close!

The guardian also played some peekaboo as the little one ate from its paws. 

Then they both looked over, as though saying goodbye before I left. 

The black thing in the bottom-right of the photo is my side-mirror (just for perspective)!

Happy grooving and grazing, Roos! 

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