Monday, 22 June 2015

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge: Day 3 - High Spirits

When autumn rolls out shorter days and cooling weather, the little Leaf Spirits of the Liquid Amber tree in the backyard awaken. 

All summer, the leaves and their Spirits have been growing, green, youthful and glorious. Autumn is now their time to frolic before the earth reclaims them to slumber. 

The Spirits let go of their own leaves, they sing and dance and frolic. They do somersaults, and they play chasing games with each other, sliding across from leaf to leaf to land on branches halfway down the tree, breathless and giggling. 

Leaves swallow the energy of the Spirits. They lose their green and instead blush fiery red. They smile sweet yellow, they sing purple and they flutter reckless orange. All as their Spirits play. 

It is said that, if you listen carefully, you can hear the Spirit-songs on the autumn winds. 

Some people may like to dismiss this as pure fantasy. 

But consider this: if you look at the two leaves in the bottom, right-hand corner of the photo, (not the very bottom one, but the one just above it), you can clearly see an eye and a smile in the leaf. 

The Leaf Spirit smiled for the camera!


My Day 3 story in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge, came about thanks to a tag by the lovely Sarah Brentyn - who is now solely responsible for my addiction to photo prompt flash fics ;-) 

The “rules” of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:
1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.
2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.
3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. Just have fun.


Sarah Brentyn said...

What a gorgeous photo. The description of the color of leaves as "Liquid Amber" is beautiful. Also, love the story. I adore tree spirits of any kind: fairies, dryads, nymphs... He did smile for the camera. :-)

ReeD with a Bee said...

Thanks Sarah! I'd even call it a grin and a wink! I didn't notice it until I sat down to write the story and then he wrote it for me :-)