Sunday, 1 March 2015

Morsels of Micropoetry

Thanks to the regular prompts of Fieryverse and HeartSoup on Twitter, I've ended up composing many tiny pieces of poetry.

Looking back at some of my 2014 efforts, I have to say I'm really pleased with how they've turned out - either a clever turn of phrase, or a recognition of the mood/image that I was going for at the time (which means I captured it pretty accurately!)

It's nice to have these all gathered in the one spot, and as with my FridayPhrases collection, there are some very clear themes, so I decided to group them by theme and see how they look juxtaposed together.


Islands, Lagoons, Oceans and Sunshine

The sea murmurs
To stony sands
Rough leaves whisper
Seaweed-soaked caves
The night sky dreams
Ancient land steeped in mystery

The girl from the tropical island
Had a smile of sunshine
Many languages
A love of frangipanis
And a penchant for passion-fruit

Swallowed by the sea
I sink to the sand & wait
Lungs in controlled burn
As waves above roil & writhe
I wait for calm & breath

The island calls to me plaintively
My home of long ago
Memories and tears flood
To familiar sights, smells
Return of the Exile

Hold your breath
Watch the world
It undulates in silent dance
Feel the sun and salt
Lace the water
As sand clouds
At your feet

Conquered island
Fertile plantations
Supplying the Empire
A Colonial
Far from home
He falls to rum
His diaries soon fall silent

In the lap of the lagoon
I float
Eyes closed
Ears open
Listening to the ocean speak
In a language I don't understand


The Seasons, The Sky, The Stars

We belong
In the caress of the sun
& the cries of the rain
We learn the language
Of the earth
Till it speaks in verdant words

Under crying skies
Your heart, a red balloon, caught
By my fingertips

Sitting in my tree
Where leaves laugh and dance
Summer dawns
In a world milky with promise
Beneath an untouched sky of blue

The cloak of winter
Smothers the world in grey
Leafless trees
Hold fingers to the sky
Frozen in patient praise
Of a returning sun

Warm lazy dusk
Where fingers of soft light
Push back the night
A cricket's call
Just words
In a languid summer song

Let's take a walk
Across the cold ground
Of icing sugar & dusted cocoa
Under pensive canopies of gold
As the grey mists gather

Winter winds whip
& the cold seeps
But the earth dreams
The winds grow thoughtful
A mere memory echoes soft, tantalising

Every dawn
A robin sings the world
Into colour&light
I make believe
You are the robin
Calling my name
Giving me hope

An army of tulips
Toe their lines
Proud, bright, upright.
In the fields beyond
Dandelions run and play
Scattered in the sun 

You look skywards
Eyes clouding over
Words drop from your lips like rain
The wind holds my breath
I listen as your heart speaks

Ancient paths
Aligned to the moon & sun
Trysting to the stars
Whispers of the wise
In languages lost
Messages without meaning

Little starlight
Far from home
Never lost or needing rescue
In patient search
Of where light & dark began
& when sound was born

If you could see
What I've become
A journey of light
Wordless answers of Beyond
A glowing ember
A tiny star
Looking down
In joy

In the open spaces where winds dance & the sun sings without shadow, my thoughts stop spinning, my spirit reawakens & breathes. 



You smile
Peeling your apple
Guiding its skin
Into a crimson ribbon
That curls & dances
Over the revealed flesh
Inviting a bite

Heads high
They both clench
Ice cold masks
With heated indifference
Twenty years before
No masks
Only raw longing

Under the ochre moon
Caution wars w/ impulse
A risk dared
A risk not taken
The question hangs in the night
'What if?'

The fight for her heart
In a field of daffodils
Was lost.
All that remained
Crushed petals
Bruised leaves
& tears stained gold

Tree leaves shine
With the frost of starlight
As the dulcet drops
In your night song
Draw me from the shadows
To you

A far-away place
Unseen, unknown
Makes a claim of home
My here and now
Weaves its own pull
In fractured
Whispers of (be)longing

Dizzy in the dell
Midnight tosses its spell
Mind is swirling
Woods twirling
Spun into unplanned fate
Rescue me when it's too late


Daily Joys

Sweet bonbons
In a Pandora's Box
Shimmering confections
Simmering confessions
All wrapped with locks.

She loves the faded flowers
They are yesterday's decisions
Fresh flowers, tomorrow's choices
All petals on her path

The sun sinks
Light snaps on
In squares, snares and colours
It dances and quivers
A thrumming current
In the vein of the city

Of twigs and string
A castle is built
A battle ensues
With heroic acts
& dashing feats
A Saturday morning
In the sunny backyard

My fingertip traces
Complex flowers & leaves
In the tiny table
Scented in sandalwood
(Re)calling India
In routes and roots

Thousands of pages
Knowledge bound tight
Nurtured in a forbidden garden
Lost as a forgotten garden
Waiting to come to light 

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