Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I've Started A Writing Prompt Game

I decided in early January 2015 that I was going to start a writing prompt game.

There are some excellent prompt games already out there, many of which operate daily. Does the world need another one?

Short answer: yes!
There are many things I love about writing prompts:
- mulling over the snippets, snapshots and enticing phrases in the prompts. 
- they're standalone and unconnected to any work-in-progress (WIP) I happen to be stalled on. 
- the small word limits (tweet-length or up to 499 words) are small, manageable and bite-sized. 
- easy to start AND finish. 

So far, so good. The world of writing can always use more inspiring snippets!

But I was completely daunted by the apparent volume of work involved in managing a daily prompt. 

So I decided to go the other way. 

I've made the prompt a month-long deal instead, with weekly Tuesday postings of stories as they come in. I'm curious to see how the monthly format will play out... I am open to playing with this (possibly 2 prompts each month?) but will see how it goes for now. 

I also capped the word limit at 200 words - longer than a Tweet but still less than a page - so it's still all about brevity - and being inspired and finishing that little piece. 

Hopefully it will be fun. Hopefully it won't be too labour-intensive (for all involved!) and hopefully people will be inspired to contribute. 

And to keep writing! 

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