Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Lava Fields

This lil piece of flash fiction is my first attempt at taking on a writing dare offered by @StoryBandit on Twitter:

The notes for the next arrival were brief:
Returning client. Round 3; last chance

The client was overweight, angry and sneered rather than spoke. There had been no absorbtion of life-lessons. 

I led him to the lava fields, explaining about the power of the volcanoes to burn off, cleanse; to forge afresh before re-birth to a new life. 

He strode, jeered, mocked the volcanoes. 

The lava moved. The client didn't notice. 

I turned away. The lava would claim and the volcanoes would feed eternally. 

His jeers fell abruptly silent. I knew it was over when I smelled smoke. 



Michelle Kelly said...

This is awesome ReeD! So sharp, so caustic, so evocative!

ReeD with a Bee said...

Thank you so much Michelle! I never thought I'd take such pride in having the term "caustic" applied to my words, but I so am! *head swells noticeably as goofy grin grows*

And thanks for taking the time to come visit :)