Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dodo au dodo?

I fully intended to do a quick follow-up to my initial post with one of those painfully necessary 'raison d'ĂȘtre' posts. But, for me, they're not the most inspirational of things to write about so...

It is always easy to find reasons to not complete it. 

This is extra ironic of course, given that one of raisons for this blog is to force me to write more (and procrastinate less). 

So anyway, this is to confirm that this Dodo hasn't gone to 'dodo' - the French slang term for 'sleep' (you may have heard of the French phrase 'boulot, metro, dodo'? It refers to the daily commute/ daily grind of 'work, train, sleep' - anyway, give it a quick google).

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Dodo has landed

The Dodo Au Go-Go is in flight.

Well, it hasn't actually taken flight as such - you know, being a flightless bird and all. It is sitting in a hang-glider, enjoying the view of the world below. Its legs swing casually back and forth, as its bottom perches in a comfortable, customised seat. The Dodo looks around brightly and beakily, enjoying as always the fresh air that fluffs through its feathers.

There are very few instruments on the glider. It is one of the ironies of the Dodo's life that, although it has wings unhelpful for flying (but don't call them useless! At least, not in the Dodo's hearing. For your information, they are perfect for helping the Dodo stay cool in hot, tropical climes), the Dodo has an excellent head for heights, an unerring sense of direction and can read shifts in wind and weather patterns effortlessly.

The sun above sends the triangular shadow of the glider skimming across the landscape of mauve mountains, olive-green canopies, and square fields in yellow and green. Some of the squares are irregularly dotted with black, brown, white and grey blobs - cattle and sheep mostly, but from the glider, it looks as though someone has flicked a couple of paintbrushes onto the world below.