Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dodo au dodo?

I fully intended to do a quick follow-up to my initial post with one of those painfully necessary 'raison d'être' posts. But, for me, they're not the most inspirational of things to write about so...

It is always easy to find reasons to not complete it. 

This is extra ironic of course, given that one of raisons for this blog is to force me to write more (and procrastinate less). 

So anyway, this is to confirm that this Dodo hasn't gone to 'dodo' - the French slang term for 'sleep' (you may have heard of the French phrase 'boulot, metro, dodo'? It refers to the daily commute/ daily grind of 'work, train, sleep' - anyway, give it a quick google).

Where my 'Montage: A Month in a Minute' blog was meant to be my photo/image-based blog, this is my writing one. Except that I can't seem to help the amount of text that keeps creeping into the AMIAM side of things...

But that's beside the point here. 

I want this blog to cover all my writing interests:
- angst-ing about writing fiction. 
- flights of fancy. 
- the odd piece of fiction maybe?
- any brilliant pieces of socio-politico commentary that I come up with. 
- witty and grumpy observations (I hope the latter inspires the former), probably focussing on pop culture. 
- thoughtful reflections too. 
- book reviews/discussions (probably not of the high-brow kind; you've been warned. My tastes tend to veer away from literary books with the kind of D&M (deep and meaningful) themes that ensure they end up on English literature syllabi, ripe with the promise of misery for a fresh generation of school kids. You know the kind; it has a D&M title that is symbolic on some level that you have to guess at. You know, something like, The Green Skin of the Ripe Mango, where the green in the title symbolises the implicit jealousy which drives the protagonist's journey of bitter self-discovery forward... Blah blah blah). 

Hmmm, I think I've been more scarred by English Lit than I realised. 

Well, I think that's a pretty good starting explanation of what Dodo au GoGo is about. 

Here we go - away on a flight of fancy with the Dodo...


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